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"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
​Pooh Bear (ages 0-12months)

Our teachers reinforce and constantly engage your baby’s gross motor, cognitive, intellectual, sensory, and language development in a routine that is well balanced considering the different needs of each infant: feeding times, playing time, naps, and individual hygiene necessities.

Elmo's Playhouse (12months - 24months)

We concentrate on exploration for our toddlers. Our staff encourages social-emotional development through interaction and play in our toddler learning center. Our activities are oriented to facilitate sensorial awareness, fine and gross motor skills, cognitive and language development.

Our spacious classroom includes age appropriate learning resources that encourage active learning and therefore your child´s curiosity.

Apple Dumplings (2 year olds)

Our teachers provide a safe and happy environment for 2 year old children to become more independent. Problem-solving, concept formation, cooperation and self-help skills are also introduced. During active learning, teachers encourage children to discover the world around them by exploring and playing.

Learning and development are anchored by long-term, trusting relationships with teachers, who are close at hand to support children as they play.

Care Bears (3 year olds)

Our teachers promote creativity, curiosity, confidence, independence, initiative and persistence as our 3 year olds carry out their intentions, solve problems, and engage in a variety of learning experiences.

Busy Bees (4 year olds)

Our preschool teachers promote independence, curiosity, decision-making, cooperation, persistence, and problem-solving while learning in the different content areas and building pre-math and pre-reading skills.

All Stars (5+ years)

We provide before and after school care to elementary age kids. We currently service Wilburn Elementary, Bing Elementary, Post Elementary, Emmott Elementary, and Danish Elementary schools. 

Summer/Winter/Spring Break Camps are open to students from kindergarten through 12 years. Our camps include morning and afternoon snack, lunch, arts and crafts, music and enrichment activities in Math, Science, Social Studies, and/or Reading. Field trips and activities are geared towards the theme of the week.

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