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1st day at Daycare - What to pack

If that first day of daycare is quickly approaching, you likely have a million questions running through your mind. How will the transition go? What should you be talking about with your child? And, of course, what will your little one need throughout the day when she is at a new place, without the surroundings of home?

  1. Two changes of clothes. You likely carry a change of clothes around with you in case of diaper accidents, out of the ordinary messes, and exploding juice boxes. At daycare, your child will also need a couple of changes of clothing, one for that nasty diaper blowout, and one for when you forget to bring a replacement change of clothes in time for the nex diap er blowout. Providing a couple of resealable bags is also a great idea, for transporting messy clothing back home.

  2. Diapers and pullups. Speaking of diapers, it’s a great idea to supply your daycare center with enough diapers to get your child through the day, and then some. For infants and young toddlers, that means quite a few diapers, of course, but it’s important to supply your childcare center with the brands your child prefers, or the cloth diapers your family uses.

  3. Depending on what your childcare center offers in terms of food, you’ll want to pack sustenance for your little one. If your center does not offer meals and snacks, be sure to pack them with your child. And even if they do provide meals and snacks, you’ll still want to pack enough milk or formula to keep younger children and infants sustained throughout the day.

  4. Special, comforting items. What does your child need in order to feel comforted at daycare? It may be a pacifier, in which case, you’ll want to pack extras. You can also pack a favorite blanket or stuffed animal, especially if your child will be napping. And if your child is teething or getting over a cold, remember to bring whatever relieves her symptoms.

  5. Remember the weather! In warm weather, remember sunscreen and hats, and swimsuits if you know there will be opportunities for water play. In the cold weather, remember extra layers, hats and mittens, and boots that will stand up to the weather.

What does your little one love bringing with him to daycare each day? Tell us which items always make it into the backpack, or have a permanent home in the childcare center’s cubby, in the comments section.

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